Flashback Thursday: Watch Joker’s Vendetta: Original Comic Book Script Reading

WILDsound Festival

Flashback to October 2010 where we performed an original comic book script from the Batman universe called JOKER’S VENDETTA at the old National Film Board Cinemas in downtown Toronto.

Watch the reading here:


The Joker is on a rampage, murdering members of the Maroni crime family, and no one knows why. Batman and Commissioner Gordon want to find crime boss Salvatore Maroni before the Joker does, but along the way learn that there may be another player pulling the Joker’s strings.


BATMAN – Alex Gomez
JOKER – Patrick Twaddle
THE PENGUIN – Stephen Flett
TWO FACE – Michael Scott
ALFRED – Peter Nelson
TALIA HEAD – Nicole Grainger
VARIOUS – Ty Andrassy
VARIOUS – Ryan Jeffrey
VARIOUS – David Kinsman
NARRATOR – Hayley Toane

There is a bittersweet feeling watching this reading. For one, the National Film Board closed down in 2012…

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