Feature Film Pitch: Ascent Fusion by Ruslan Tlif


ACTORTitle: Ascent Fusion

Written by: Ruslan Tlif

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Logline: After writer becomes a lead character of his own story, there appears the other mysterious one who alters the plot and puts the author in chaos and absurdity.

Synopsis: The writer Edward, fan of Franz Joseph Kafka, creates his new book DARK LIGHT OF THE FIREFLY. The story tells about one character, a little Franz which is the Edward’s prototype showing him as a kid, who lives the house and follows the light for the magic world.Arriving from Austria to Los Angeles, Edward presents his story and recieves good attention for his new style he put in the book. In LA Edward has a visit from an aged woman Anetta. She knows his what is story about though it is has not published yet. What she tells seems to the writer a nonsense: the existence of other characters in the story that live not by scenario, the absence of past, future and present as we can be characters ourselvelves in some book that have only pages and no time, and that those characters may not see the truth of the writer and imagine their own.Next day, when Edward visit a TV show, he appears in some other place. But now his name is Franz, he works as a driver. When he comes home,he meets his wife and children.At night Franz has nightmares. But his wife Elisabeth hears his moaning about some woman EMILY. Elisabeth now has a suspicion of his absence of faith to her. Meanwhile, somewhere we see the woman Ann that is depressed and exausted. She attends a psychologist and tells him his disaster about her son that she lost many years ago. As she tells he just dissapeared as kid and never came back. After that she lost her mind and still waits for him. She tries to resolve the probleme. But she tells that she cannot let him go and she invents, imagines new lives for him. During one visit to the psychologist she tells about some book in her dream, but she saw the pages clear. She decides to write a story about her and this seems to help to forget about the loss.This time we see Franz in a new life. He has a fiancee and works as a dancing trainer. Franz doesn not feel anything. But at the same time Franz (driver) appears at the house of some woman, Fortune teller. He cannot understand how he got to the woman. She says he comes to him constantly. Franz starts remembering his actions and remembers what Franz (dancing trainer) did. Franz – driver from remembering gets to scene: he appears as a Franz-trainer. He feels bad as the actions repeat. Meanwhile in a club we see Franz as a rocker, named Franky. His companion says he must kill a homeless who is witness of their selleing drugs.Franz-trainer arrives to the cinema building and sees their a man’s silhouet contoured with chalk and bands ater some body.Franky comes to the cinema building and finds the homeless, hits him with a knife. When his companion arives he sees Franz-driver with a knife in the hand. He does not know who he is. He binds him in the the cellar. But Franz-driver escapes a appears at the house of the Fortune teller like in the previous scene. She confirms that he come to her constantly.18th. Austria. From the conor Ann comes out, but younger and fresher. Seeing Franz at her house she tries to run up. But he comes in to little Franz. Soon There appears Edward as himself. And he walks along some space where he finds present Ann’s house. When he enters Ann embraces and cries as she got him.

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