Feature Film Pitch: The Anti-Christ by Thomas Williams


ACTORTitle: The Anti-Christ

Written by: Thomas Williams

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Logline: DIEVIL the created son of SATAN rules much of the world two thousand years after GOD replaced him for JESUS to die on the cross. Today, a plot involving the reincarnated JUDAS/JULIET and the Ark of The Covenant causes Dievil to intervene, shaking up the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Synopsis: The story begins with Jesus asking God, to remove the sacrifice he was about to make. Hearing the cry of Jesus, God and Satan make a deal, the created son of Satan Dievil replaces Chris on the cross.

As Christ is about to be taken up into heaven, one of his followers ELI is told to witness the doings of Dievil and report to Christ. Satan, after reincarnating JUDAS as a woman JULIET Sends her and Dievil to hunt down the “Ark of the covenant” (Gods holy power on earth) in order to become Gods.

As the story unfolds we see a battle between good and evil, a battle that has Dievil questioning his actual role as the Messiah hence he begins to question his father’s motives.

Dievil came to be by Satan the father of all lies transforming himself into a beautiful woman and bedding down with Cain the world’s first evil man Hence Dievil’s human emotions.

The climax comes after the POTUS declares a ban on religion brought about by the possessing of his body by Dievil. Dievil saves the day after returning the Ark to heaven’s throne in the guise of the dragon and teaming up with Eli Gods immortal witness to destroy Satan and put an end to his reign of terror.

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