Poetry #8 by Xzaviar Allen

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Poetry performed by Julian Ford

Poetry #8 by Xzaviar Allen

Get to know the poet:

1) What is the theme of your poetry collection?

The theme of my poems was sexual intercourse. A vulgar/inappropriate subject maybe, but the inspiration behind the pieces drove me to write in such a way.

2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

I’m not sure how people will react to these particular poems; people usually like them, but it depends on who’s reading.

3) How long have you been writing poetry?

I wrote my first poem in the fifth grade. Ive been hooked ever since.

4) Do you have a favorite poet?

My favorite poets are modern-age poets. J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Jay Z, Kanye West, etc. Hip Hop is a form of poetry; I write my “poems” as though they were song lyrics.

5) What…

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