TIFF 2016 Movie Review: SAND STORM (Israel 2016) ***

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Movie Reviews of films that will be playing at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in 2016. Go to TIFF 2016 Movie Reviews and read reviews of films showing at the festival.

sand_storm_poster.jpgSAND STORM (Israel 2016) ***
Directed by Elite Zexer

Starring: Lamis Ammar, Ruba Blal, Hitham Omari

Review by Gilbert Seah

SAND STORM is the Grand Jury Prize Winner at Sundance in the Contemporary World section. The film details a little known culture in a Bedouin village. Jalila is preparing to host an awkward celebration: the marriage of her husband to a second (and noticeably younger) wife – something unheard of n western society.

To make matters worse, her eldest, Layla, is involved in a clandestine relationship with a boy at school, all her suppressed emotion finds an outlet. Emotions run high and very member of the family feels the pressure.

Zexer moves her efficient film covering all the details…

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