Reviews of ANIMATION Films from the August 2016 Festival

Read best of reviews by Kierston Drier from the August 2016 Animation Film Festival:

Movie Review: JAILBREAK (2016)

The curious duet of stop-motion and art illusion is superb creating a reality and
otherworldliness that is both engaging and visually decadent.

Movie Review: TIME SMASH (2016)

Time Smash by USA director Benjamin Reicher, is frankly, hilarious. This is due to simple cinematic mathematics. The plot is clear, simple and concise, the visuals are strong and punchy, the story is strong and the punchline is fantastic.

Movie Review: SEA OF INK (2016)

High concept and open for interpretation, it seems to display one artist’s struggles to find the creative inspiration in his work. As he tries to make his hands do what his heart feels he finds himself sucked deep down into the bottom of a creative ocean.

Movie Review: BOTTOMLESS (2016)

This comical inversion on the classic fish out of water story is brought to us by Veronique Vanderlaere of the USA. An unapologetic and endearing story of immigration and assimilation, this piece will appeal to anyone who has ever felt the “otherness” of living what they know and becoming engulfed in someplace new.

Movie Review: A SMALL VOICE (2016)

A Small Voice is not a long film, but it is a powerful one. It conveys a very human experience through the lenses of colorful animation. It is a small voice, with much to say.

Movie Review: SPARROW DUET (2016)

Set against a black void, whimsical bright geometric colors move, flow, and intertwine themselves in an unearthly dance to music. The concept seems very simple but is also incredibly hard to execute well.

Movie Review: 5476 MILES (2016)

The piece is layered with strong symbolism, and rich with poetic and visual undertones. Visual motifs and colour palettes are harmonic with the music and lyrics. As with any form of art, it is open to interpretation: a debate exists as to what the intent of the piece is.

Movie Review: INSIDE (2016)

The premise of the piece is simple and effective a classic tale of not giving up, in this case, even when you’ve been swallowed by a predator. Humor arises from our unlikely (and unlucky) duo who must join forces to escape certain demise.


At first glance, it is not clear that the musical film is about the alphabet; until the end, when all the musical words are strung together with their corresponding letters.

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