Read Festival Director Interviews from Festivals in California

Interviews by Matthew Toffolo. 

Interview with Festival Director Lynn M. Holley (Fine Arts Film Festival Santa Barbara)

The Fine Arts Film Festival premiered in Santa Barbara, California in 2010; it then occurred as a film festival in Venice, CA in 2015. In 2016 it will explode as an International Fine Arts Film Festival full of shorts plus a few full length features back in fabulous Santa Barbara, California!

Interview with Festival Director Shari Carlson (Best Actors Film Festival)

Held in the San Francisco, California Union Square District. A tribute to the performers and directors of your film. Best Actors Film Festival is created to entice film makers to reward the performers in their film in a way that truly acknowledges their work.

Interview with Festival Director Christina Wilkinson (ITSA Film Festival)

The 7th Annual ITSA Film Festival takes place in Sonora, California in the heart of Gold Country the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of November 2016. Run entirely by volunteers, ITSA Film Festival is dedicated to creating a wider audience and a greater awareness for all filmmakers, especially up-and-coming and students.

Interview with Festival Director Juri Koll (Fine Arts Film Festival)

The location for the screenings is the historic Beyond Baroque Theater in Venice, California, long renowned as a hub of creative endeavor in Los Angeles, and Southern California in general. You will meet exceptionally creative filmmakers, artists, musicians and literary artists of all kinds, along with your usual film crowd, as many of the filmmakers who work in the studios and independent productions houses live and also work in Venice. Plus it’s a block or two from the world famous Boardwalk and the beach, so there’s plenty to do after you’ve seen the films!

Interview with Creative Director Sami Kriegstein (Los Angeles Music Video Festival)

The Los Angeles Music Video Festival (LAMVF) exists to celebrate the art of the music video and to bring together the independent music and independent film communities of Los Angeles and beyond. We hope to encourage and promote the development of independent music video producers and their audience.

Interview with Festival Director Mark Mos (Los Angeles Short Film Festival)

First 2 minutes of the film is very important. I guess festivals want to see some professional skills, even if film is submitted by student. If your actress reads script in her mind and her work is terrible, festival judges will not suffer for rest of the film. Directing might be good, cinematography brilliant, but if you actor is terrible then whole project you may considered trash. I know it’s heavy, but you do the same while watching TV…you skip channels to see something interesting. I guess judges go to another film if yours is not interesting or not well done.

Interview with Pat Battistini, Festival Director for All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival

The “All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival” was established in 2009 by Pat Battistini. The first year of the festival was held on one day and screened thirteen films. Since then, the festival has blossomed into a three-day event screening an average of seventy films.

Interview with Larry Laboe, Executive Director, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA)

Founded in 2007, the non-profit 501(c)3 organization NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) has established itself as a strong gathering place for cinema with over 60,000 subscribers in the Los Angeles community, screening 950+ films from over 57 countries. In addition to fostering the advancement of emerging filmmakers and our members in Los Angeles.

Interview with Festival Co-Director Maria Nicolacakis (San Francisco Greek Film Festival)

2016 marks our 13th year. Every year, we strive to present a diverse selection of current feature films, shorts, and documentaries. This means different genres and themes, as well as different budgets. Some of the films we show have well known actors, directors and producers, and a bigger budget, while others (most of them) are on a shoestring budget with up and coming names.

Interview with Festival Director Allen Myers (The Earth Day Film Festival)

The Earth Day Film Festival is a platform to showcase art and film projects of an Earth sensitive population. Our film festival runs entirely on Clean Energy with Zero Waste goals, holding film screenings around the world on Earth Day and throwing fat festival full good earth love and mind expansion in San Francisco.

Interview with Festival Coordinator Emily Smith Beitiks (Superfest: International Disability Film Festival)

Superfest: International Disability Film Festival is a showcase of juried films held in the San Francisco Bay Area. For nearly 30 years, this annual competition has celebrated cutting-edge cinema that portrays disability in all its diverse, complex, and empowering facets. We are proud to be the longest running disability film festival in the world.

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