Died Today (October 21st): François Truffaut (1932–1984)

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francoistruffaut.jpgFrançois Truffaut (1932–1984)

Born: February 6, 1932 in Paris, France
Died: October 21, 1984 (age 52) in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, France

Was voted the 27th Greatest Director of all time by Entertainment Weekly. He is the highest ranking director on this list who was a film critic before he became a filmmaker.

Was rumored to be a contender to direct The Stunt Man (1980), and to have used elements from that film’s source, the Paul Brodeur novel of the same name, in the story of Day for Night (1973), but he strenuously denied these rumors in correspondence published after his death, claiming that inspiration had come instead from Singin’ in the Rain (1952), 8½ (1963), and The Bad and the Beautiful (1952).

THE 400 BLOWSThe 400 Blows
dir. Francois Truffaut
Jean-Pierre Leaud
Claire Maurier
JULES AND JIMJules and Jim
dir. Truffaut
Jeanne Moreau
Oskar Werner
dir. Francois…

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