They say Children Adapt, Poetry by Dianne Mead

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Drama, Political, Society

They say Children Adapt
Author and copyright 2015 Dianne Mead

Dedicated to my son Sam
and the thousands of other children and parents victims of financial negligence and white collar crime

My son has grown
His tears now flow
To be expected
He’s in the know

Single mother robbed
Identity lost, dignity stolen
Raising child, God sent only grace
As we contemplate the downfall of the so called humane race

Financial negligence by so called experts
I’m advised, is not accountable for pain
Brought down to economics
But of course, companies gain

Clients raped of savings
Swindled super
Other life payments
Another man’s gambling

Transparency non existent
Deception evident
If one should prove false intent
Policy void and insignificant

One and a half million
And ten years to deliver truth
Meanwhile corporations at fault joyously ride the legal loops
Directors declare bankruptcy, CEO Enforceable Undertakings…

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