AFTER WORDS, Poetry by Kelly McCrillis

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Rhyme, Relationship

by Kelly McCrillis

‘Don’t look at my hair,’
She growls like a bear,
Covering her head in the bed.
‘Forgive if I stare,’
I stiffly declare,
‘But what has inspired this dread?’

‘It isn’t fair.
It used to be beautiful –
What’s been done to my hair
Is far less than dutiful.
Leave me to rest,
To think of the best
Procedure to make myself
Dressed to impress.
When I am done,
You can see my refrain,
Less like a monster
Of which you’d disdain.’

(I pace in a square
And try to beware
Since I know she is being
A little unfair…)

‘How easy you scare,
For what would I care
If your curls walked up
Like a Escherian stair
Or your vines took on
A barbarian flair?
Please spare me your worries
Or hurries to wear
The blankets as if
We were in…

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