Honeymouth, Poetry by Gerry van der Linden

WILDsound Festival

Genre: philosophical, political(?), hopeful

by Gerry van der Linden

Honey-mouth jumps out of bed
there lies the town
a stone recently thrown
such a pleasant day
honey-mouth Dutch tulip
with her yellow silk headscarf
camel boys watch out!
cans of Arabian coffee
thud in the sun

honey-mouth closes her eyes
her feet careful
relieved the front door swings
bong! the church bell strikes
good morning honey-mouth
her stomach ramadans
her head bumps heaven
not rose-coloured
clouded faces in fact

shut up honey-mouth!
nice lies tap fire
what to call truth?
how does she feel? warm cold?
why doesn’t she speak?
more she wants to taste
how much truth does
a veiled kiss eat?


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