Moon Sparks, Poetry by James R Adams II

Genre: Life

The Sun threw sparks of Moon Light
To warm the waters of the Gulf
The sparks they danced and flickered
The World lost in myself

A menthol smoked me deeply
As I rode a Marlboro Rail
The hot Gulf air it breathed me
Too distracted to even tell

My gravity it pulled the Earth
It could not separate
I sucked its helium through my feet
It could not float away

I swore again this one last time
It would never be the same
I payed my toll, the bridge crossed me
As the sky below me rained

The Emperor kept on dancing
No pitchforks pierced his feet
The demons all were laughing
Their works both incomplete

Why then won’t you tell me
It’s so hard to separate
The madness from the music
Our Illusions from our Fate

Most mysteries go unanswered
No need for question marks
The days they end with commas
But Life lives on a Spark

So now I am tap dancing
On light speckles in the Gulf
The Angels all are laughing
And the Demons all are broke

So please now don’t you ask me
How it’s simple to separate
Between the madness of the Music
And reflections judged in haste

As I sat in glaring silence
And watched what I had done
The shade began to blind me
My ears screamed at the Sun

It’s rays swallowed my virtues
I thought oh what a mess
As demons put me in their sights
A Kevlar bullet pierced my chest

I cried in indignation
At what I thought they’d done
They screamed “That wasn’t for you’
We were aiming at your son

So tell me why it’s so hard
To really separate
The madness from the music
And the questions of our faith

I pointed my gun at myself
And I loaded it with salt
You won’t hurt me this time
I’m prepared for your assault

When the firecrackers went off
July Fourth in full swing
I swigged on your shortcomings
And chased it with a ring

    * * * * *

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