Film Review: CAMERAPERSON (USA 2016)

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cameraperson_movie_poster.jpgDirected by Kirsten Johnson

Writers: Doris Baizley (consulting writer), Lisa Freedman (consulting writer)

Star: Kirsten Johnson

The director’s vision is seen through the lens of the cinematographer’s camera. Oscar winning cinematographers? Who can forget Freddie Young’s sandstorm in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, Haskell Wexler’s locust invasion in BOUND FOR GLORY or Gordon Willis’ city silhouette in Woody Alllen’s MANHATTAN? In the new documentary CAMERAPERSON that premiered at Sundance this year, female cinematographer Kirsten Johnson delivers a uniquely insightful memoir-cum-critical-treatise on the nature and ethics of her craft.

At the film’s start, Johnson declares that she is a documentary cinematographer who for the past 25 years has shot footage for other films. She declares that this film is her memoir – images that have marked for life and many that have still kept her wondering. These are strong words – and sets up the audience for a documentary that will hopefully astound…

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