The Art of Film Editing

WILDsound Festival

FILM EDITING, MOVIE EDITING, VIDEO EDITING – Editing is a true art form. The editor strives to impart visual variety to the picture by skillful shot selection, arrangement and timing. He recreates rather than reproduces the photographic event to achieve a cumulative effort often greater than all the actions in individual scenes put together.Below are some of the basic ideas underlying techniques


Continuity Cutting
— Storytelling is dependent upon matching consecutive scenes
— Consists of matched cuts in which continuous action flows from one shot to another and cuts away in which the action shown is not a portion of the previous shot

Complication Cutting
— Storytelling is dependent on the narration and the scenes merely illustrates what is being described
— Soundtrack holds the narrative together so things actually make sense

Many editors prefer to make their cuts on movements so that…

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