Feature Film: DAUNTLESS by Daniel Jackson



Written by: Daniel Jackson

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama, Sports

Logline: A fiery-tempered, white orphan determined to pitch for the Yankees, and a half-blind, black orphanage cook with a secret baseball world struggle against southern society.

Synopsis: It’s 1938 in Savannah, Georgia, when REUBEN, 50s, a black ex-pitcher, rescues an orphaned white boy, JACKIE, 13, from a prison work farm, and unlocks his ancient barn revealing a secret world of baseball. Defying southern tradition and Jim Crow laws, he teaches the fiery-tempered boy to pitch, while Jackie, determined to pitch for the Yankees, helps with the farm work. Later, Jackie barely avoids capture by MR. THOMPSON, a land-greedy orphan’s agent. He becomes the star attraction for a world-famous, barnstorming, traveling baseball team, only to suffer a career ending injury to his pitching hand. Reuben then reveals his innermost secret to help revive Jackie’s career. With their farm on the auction block, controlled by Mr. Thompson, Jackie, finally playing for his beloved Yankees, uses his untested, new talent against his former team in a winner-take-all exhibition game. ?

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