Fiddler’s Neck, Poetry by Stacey Lynn Patterson

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Genre: Life, Society
Took the boat out
Rowed all the way to Fiddler’s Neck Island
What draws me there is
The overwhelming need to purge my soul

Nothingness drags behind me
Like waited down corpse
Weighing down the seedlings of hope
It never tires and clings to me
As if it were the skin I wear
Despair wraps around me like a cloak

As the shore comes into view
The wind whispers through my hair
A polyphonic tune glides
Over every one of my nerve endings
Chilling my core to subzero
Something here at Fiddler’s Neck knows
The heart of this troubled visitor

Isolated in a veil of quite
Feelers probe my subconscious
Causing tears and goosebumps
To speed to the surface
Falling to my knee I begin to sob
And with every spasm of tears
A tiny piece of my soul is pardoned
From the prison of despair

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