5 best laughs in the movies


Ever had one of those moments when someone is laughing in front of you and it’s so contagious that you start laughing too? Here’s 5 of some of the greatest laughs in the movies. 

julia_roberts_richard_gere_pretty_woman_necklace_date_laughingVivian, Pretty Woman (1990)
This really is a perfect laughing moment, when Edward has bought Vivian the beautiful necklace. She curiously peeks into the box he holds open, before he playfully slams it shut, and she shrieks out that uncontrollable giggle. I also hear the moment was improvised too, which makes it all the more adorable.

the-shining-movie-jack-nicholson-jack-torrance-laughingJack Torrence, The Shining (1980)
This character is one hell of an eerie dude as he becomes engulfed in delusion during their stay in the huge, creepy, isolated hotel. Jack Nicholson’s performance is fantastic as he stares into the camera and lets out an insane, villainous laugh.

cd95d8a010bbfa29eefca6c27dfbd8d3Danny Zuko, Grease (1978)
“Me? Jealous? Oh come on Sandy, don’t make me laugh…

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