Full Review: TONI ERDMANN (Germany/Austria/Romania 2016) Best Film of the Year

Festival Reviews

toni_erdmann.jpgDirector: Maren Ade
Writer: Maren Ade (screenplay)
Stars: Sandra Hüller, Peter Simonischek, Michael Wittenborn

Review by Gilbert Seah

Chosen as the BEST FILM of 2016 by Sight and Sound’s international critics poll, this much talked about Cannes hit is everything an excellent film can be. It is an entertaining hilarious comedy with the darker theme of life. TONI ERDMANN delivers a message on life, as subtly revealed through this-matched relationship between a practical jokester father and his over-serious corporate daughter who has forgotten how to laugh.

Germans are renowned for their obsession with organization, punctuality (they are known to alway arrive at scheduled meetings early) and rules. People have also mentioned that the lack of humour in Germans is partly due to the structure of their language. I would like to think then that writer/director Maren Ade (this is her third feature, after FOREST FOR THE TREES and EVERYONE ELSE)…

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