The 89TH OSCARS 2017 – Review

Festival Reviews

Deadlines to Submit your Screenplay, Novel, Story, or Poem to the festival:

2017oscars.jpgby Gilbert Seah

This year, the most unbelievable mistake was the announcement of the year’s BEST PICTURE.  Warren Beatty announced LA LA LAND instead of MOONLIGHT.  A mistake that will be remembered FOREVER!


The Red Carpet that began an hour or so before the actual ceremonies is the normal show of glamour – designer gowns (Valentino’s red gown worn by Ruth Negga, Armani’s white one worn by Isabelle Huppert, just to name 2 of the best), make-up, hair. etc.  One big difference this year is the spotlight on mothers.  A lot of celebrities brought their ‘mom’s as their guests, among them, Matt Damon, Dev Patel, Russell Brand, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper.

The Golden Globes had Jimmy Fallon as host.  The Oscars have Jimmy Kimmel.  Which talk show…

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