Film Review: DANCER (UK/Russia/Ukraine/USA 2106) ****

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dancer.jpgDirector: Steven Cantor
Stars: Jade Hale-Christofi, Sergei Polunin

Review by Gilbert Seah

 In the opening scene of DANCER, 22-year old Sergei Polunin, acclaimed as ‘the most naturally gifted male ballet dancer of his generation’ downs a test tube of liquid and says that it gives him so much energy that he does not remember the performance. DANCER tells the story of the bad boy of ballet, the now 37-year old Sergei Polunin who astounded the world with his outrageous antics. But though the film starts off this way, director Cantor shows the reasons and circumstances leading to this state of affairs eventually revealing that Polunin is not really such a bad boy after all. Though this undermines the dramatization of Cantor’s project, DANCER is still a captivating documentary that also reveals the insides of the ballet world…

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