Dark Poetry Reading: Whiskey Vagabond by Jeff Brugger

POETRY FESTIVAL. Submit to site for FREE. Submit for actor performance. Submit poem to be made into film.

Poetry performed by Geoff Mays

Get to know the poet:

What is the theme of your poem?


What motivated you to write this poem?

Sadness from My Heart, I was Going through a very Rough Time.

How long have you been writing poetry?

Only 3 Years

If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive), who would that be?

My Hero Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead. God Rest His Soul. His Spirit lives on & a Dinner with Him would be absolutely Incredible

What influenced you to submit to have your poetry performed by a professional actor?

The Experience to Hear My Words be Said by a Actor. It’s an Awesome thought.

Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

I write Songs, I used to Write Short Stories in School. I I Just Write when I’m in the mood to

What is your passion…

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