Film Review: SHADOW GIRL (Canada/Chile 2016)

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shadow_girl.jpgDirector: Maria Teresa Larrain
Stars: Maria Teresa Larrain, Cristian Larraín Navarro, Celia Navarro de Larraín

Review by Gilbert Seah

 In the words of writer/director Maria Teresa Larrain: “It is one thing to live in a fog, and another to live in darkness.” Maria Teresa Larraín had inherited her mother’s ailment of progressive myopia. She was told this when she was little when she visited the doctor with her mother. Maria did not know the meaning of progressive nor of the word myopia. Maria asks her mother: “When will we be blind?” Her answer: “We will never be blind!” As she slowly loses her sight, she sees things in shadows but fears when the fog turns into darkness.

These be very strong words. The first 10 minutes of SHADOW GIRL gears the audience to expect a very powerful…

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