Audience FEEDBACK Video: PROVERBIAL LUCK, 5min, Austria, Romance/Comedy

Under 5 minute film festival

Played at the November 2016 Film Festival

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO. Moderated by Amanda Lomonaco:

  MOVIE POSTERPROVERBIAL LUCK, 5min, Austria, Romance/Comedy
Directed by Dave Lojek

Idioms garnish our language, but are often hard to translate. This comedy helps to illustrate them and tells the story of two neighbours, who become enamoured. The “foam-beater” (boaster) Hanspeter throws an eye after an addleheaded Annemarie, but she just “shows him the bird” (indicates that he is chuckoo). So he has to “jump over his shadow” (take the plunge) and get a foot in her door. Amusement for all proverb fans who love to make whoopee, gaze into the pale blue yonder, or get to the point.

Enjoy German idioms and learn how to translate them.

This is the first film of co-director Steffi Sixdorf, by the way.


1. International Kino Cuntra KinoKabaret Graz, Austria
2. International Kino Mainz KinoKabaret Mayence, Germany
3. Open…

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