FEEDBACK LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL – Highlights from the Wednesday December 7, 2016 event.

Los Angeles feedback film festival

The LOS ANGELES DECEMBER 7 2016 FEEDBACK Film Festival was indeed a success. Our first venture to the West Coast had its internal conflicts, but all that mattered was the final product – showcasing the best of short films to a large audience and then doing our trademark audience feedback talk.

The theme of the festival was “Misguided Mentors”.

This was a special festival because it was a showcase of the best of United States short films from the last year.

NOTE: In over 150 festival events, this was the first time ever that we showcased all films only from the United States.

I stated in my opening to the Los Angeles crowd that this was a festival that was programmed by two Canadians (myself, and Kierston Drier). Our goal on the first night was to show films that are about how we, “the outsider looking from above”, see the…

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