Reflections, Poetry by T French

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: Nostalgia, Life

by T French

I woke this morning and looked into the mirror to see the reflections. The reflections of my past. The long and winding road had led me here or was it left me here. So much time has passed, or is it that I am still stuck looking to find who I really am or was? I use to be young, never wondering or caring who I saw or what I have done. The dark brown hair is now dulled by the growing shiny gray. I looked to see, but what I see is someone else, not me. I slipped inside and now I am looking out. The world just isn’t what I thought, isn’t what I thought it would be. That isn’t the person I thought I was. The lines of worry and the eyes of pain and the years that seemed to…

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