Audience Feedback: SHADOW OF A GIANT, 29min, Canada, Documentary


AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO of the short film:

  MOVIE POSTERSHADOW OF A GIANT, 29min, Canada, Documentary
Directed by Clark Ferguson

Produced by Lesley Johnson

Distributed by VTape

Shadow of a Giant tells the story of one Canada’s largest environmental disasters, Yellowknife’s Giant Mine. Buried in collapsing chambers within the city of Yellowknife, and beside the 9th largest lake in the world, sits 237,000 tons of the highly toxic contaminant, arsenic trioxide, a byproduct of the defunct gold mine. The city of Yellowknife and the surrounding aboriginal communities depend on a remediation plan that will refrigerate the arsenic into place, until a permanent solution can be found. Shadow of a Giant tells the story of Giant through the people who live on top of it and call it home. From the remediation (clean up) team who work to stabilize the arsenic; to the people who live and work in Yellowknife; to those…

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