Interview with Festival Director Xavi Herrero (IBIZACINEFEST)

Festival Reviews

IBIZACINEFEST is facing its second edition in 2017 with the organization of UTOPIKFILMS and the collaboration of the Ibiza Town Council, Gobern Balear and the Film Commission of Balearic Islands. Among those selected will be nominated FINALISTS that will participate in the Festival and will be screened in our Auditorium and will opt for the IBIZACINEFEST grand prize.

Matthew Toffolo: What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

A: I’m surprised at the success of IBIZACINEFEST in its first year.
This success began when many registrations came to us and above all of great quality.

The name of Ibiza is a good brand and a place known worldwide, this has helped us.

I am also a filmmaker, in 2016 I have directed 2 short films that I personally distribute and I am about to release my first feature film in April.

I believe that being in the…

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