Audience FEEDBACK Video: UNCLE ALBERT, 11min, USA, Dark Comedy

Los Angeles feedback film festival

Directed by Summer Blake

A dark comedy about the nuances of emotional response; Karen’s left emotionless following the death of her distant Uncle, Albert, she’ll stop at nothing to prove to fellow guests that she can indeed feel “sad.”

Director’s Statement:

If we prick our finger we cry. But when someone else pricks their finger, how do we feel? Is there a right and a wrong response?

Now consider something larger; something more concrete. Death? That’s pretty concrete. How are we supposed to feel when someone passes away forever?

These are the questions I ask with Uncle Albert and with the character of Karen, who, following her distant uncle’s funeral, begs to feel sad, yet comes up numb.

As she stares wistfully at a bunny on the street outside the wake, she wonders what it’s like to be unaware of one’s own mortality. And…

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