HOT DOCS 2017 Reviews: SPOOKERS (New Zealand/Australia 2017)

Festival Reviews

Deadlines to Submit your Screenplay, Novel, Story, or Poem to the festival:

spookers.jpgA close-knit New Zealand family run the most successful scare park in the Southern Hemisphere; facing their fears so others can face theirs.

Director: Florian Habicht
Writers: Veronica Gleeson, Florian Habicht (story)

Stars: Claudia Aiono, Huia Apiata, Barbara Armstrong

Review by Gilbert Seah

 As night falls on the old Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital grounds (45 minutes from Auckland) which is presently New Zealand’ largest scare amusement park, out come the zombies, chain saw–wielding clowns and bloodstained freaks.

A thrilling amusement for the paying public, it is a family business for Beth and Andy Watson and a unique job for the performers who dole out the terror.

Director Habicht gives the audience a spectator’s point of view of the scare park as one enters the grounds (the bests part of the doc). For all that it seems, it look…

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