Feature Film Video Pitch: Space Truckers, by Michael D’Ambrosio

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In a futuristic time, a mercenary, Mike Colby, is paid by his ex-wife and CEO of a galactic shipping corporation, Gemini, to deliver a treaty to militant aliens in their sector. Having a history with the aliens, Mike, takes on the job to find out how they got into this sector. When he meets with the alien general, he notices an odd device attached to their control panel that projects an image of all the space stations in that sector. When the alien general rejects the treaty (no surprise) Mike uses a series of flash and incendiary grenades to escape WITH the module. He escapes in his beat up shuttle and pursued by alien fighters. His ex-wife refuses to provide backup for him and leaves him to die. One of her female captains, Tisch, rescues Mike against her orders escalating…

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