TV PILOT Video Pitch: Go Fetch! by Lejon Ryan & Greg Ryan

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Get to know the writer:

What is your story about?

“Go Fetch” is about friendship, loyalty, and fitting in. Paul is a talking dog who pretended to be blind in order to get adopted by Doug, his master. Paul and his best friend James, a turtle, are constantly trying their best not to get caught as they both hold jobs and tend to get into a little trouble when they are out in the real world.

Why should people know this story?

The engaging and witty dialogue are just some of the precursors for the underlying themes of true friendship and spirited relationships between animals and humans as well as animals among each other.

This story has a lot going for it. How would you describe this story in two words?

Refreshing Perspective

What movie have you seen the most in your life?

The Shining

How long have you been…

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