Video Pitch for Turbulence, TV PILOT by Lew Ritter

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Title of Story: TURBULENCE

Written by: Lew Ritter

PITCH: The Paper Chase meets My So Called Life.


During the turbulent times of 1970’s college students struggle with social change, relationships, and love as their personal secrets and troubles are revealed.

Logline: Several young college friends struggle with the winds of social change brewing on college campus in the early 70’s It would impact their lives and change America forever.


TURBULENCE is a proposed dramatic one hour TV Pilot. It centers around a group of students, administrators and professors who live on campus (Rutgers University). Each character will confront and struggle with personal, scholastic, and social change during what is described as the turbulent 1970’s.


Turbulence doesn’t refer to strong gusts of air that buffet an aircraft in flight Rather, it deals with the story of a transformative era in American History. It is a period drama…

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