Get to know the short film: IN A WARM DARK PLACE, 10min, USA, Drama/Thriller

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

Playing at the Thursday April 20, 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

Directed by Sydney Waltz

A psychological drama about a mother and her relationship with her newborn son. With the incessant crying of her child and lack of support from her husband, Clarissa is finding that motherhood is not as satisfying as she had hoped. When her newborn son goes missing, Clarissa is met with conflicting emotions.

Director Statement

I’ve always been inspired by dreams and I wanted to mimic a dream quality in my filmmaking. I wanted In a Warm, Dark Place to have elements of a dream where objects and places seem to briefly exist, but to also pair that with the harsh reality of losing one’s child.

Runtime: 10 minutes 2 seconds

Completion Date: May, 2016

Production Budget: 3,000 USD

Country of Origin: USA

Film Language: English

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