The Oxford Comma to the Rescue!

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I realize that as a writer, punctuation errors tend to jump out at me. It’s truly a part of my brain I cannotdial down. Inour tech savvy world with so many quick ways to communicate, punctuationseems to getleft in the dust. Some people rationalize thatsacrificing punctuation is an acceptable casualtyin our modern Get It Done Now world.


And if you ask a group of delivery drivers from a Dairy in Maine,punctuation is very important; especially the serial comma. The serial comma is also known as the Oxford comma due to its style rulebook endorsement from the Oxford University Press writtendecades ago.TheOxford comma separatesthree or more items. Best further explained directly from The Oxford Guide to Style, 2nd edition…

Oxford Comma

The importance of the Oxford comma is clear. Without it,specific items or termstend to blur together, can lead to confusion, and cause misinterpretation. (See what I did there…)

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