Keep It Simple- Why Fewer Shots Are Actually More


Written By Greg Garofalo.

When creating a shot list or storyboard for a film, I usually find I have a tendency to be extra careful in making sure I have every angle I could possibly need. Often times, my storyboards will consist of four to five different setups in a scene.

To me it made sense. Make sure that I have everything I need and have some back ups just in case.

What I didn’t realise at the time was how much this was actually hurting my film.

I was creating more shots than I needed out of fear. I was giving myself a safety net and a safety net is one thing you shouldn’t give yourself.

Unless you’ve struck gold and found a location that can accommodate you 24/7, I’m guessing you only a certain amount of time to get your short film made.

I’m also guessing (unless you’re…

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