Hot Docs 2017 Review: ASK THE SEXPERT (USA 2017) ***

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ask_the_sexpert.jpgA longtime sex advice columnist gains popularity against the backdrop of a ban on comprehensive sex-education in schools in several Indian states.

Director: Vaishali Sinha

Review by Gilbert Seah

 The sexpert of the film is the columnist a 91-year old retired gynaecologist, Dr. Watsa of the Mumbai Times who has a column for years running that answers questions about sex.

Despite sex being a taboo topic in that country, the column’s brand of non-moralistic advice and humor has emboldened many to write in with their questions, the vast majority of whom seek basic information. Director Sinha follows the doctor often at work, as he sees patients or while he sitting by his computer dishing out often comical advice.

The film diverges to sex education in India and how Indians should be taught sex. There will be objections…

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