Hot Docs Review: A CAMBODIAN SPRING (UK 2017) ***1/2

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A CAMBODIAN SPRING.jpgIn Cambodia, “they used to kill with weapons, now they kill with corruption.” In the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge, decades of civil war, and the installation of Hun Sen as prime minister, the oppression continues.

Director(s): Chris Kelly
Producer(s): Chris Kelly

Executive Producer(s):
Bob Moore
Christo Hird
Edwina Forkin

Review by Gilbert Seah

There are serious docs and and there are hilarious docs at HOT DOCS 2017.

A CAMBODIAN SPRING is one of the more serious docs of the festival dealing with one of the most serious issues facing people today – human rights and human rights in a country that is corrupted, inhuman and cruel.

The country is Cambodia and writer/producer/director/editor Chris Kelly gives his audience an intimate and unique portrait of three people (among them a monk and a resident of a home around…

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