Writing Tip: Create Better Plots With This New Approach 

Writings By Ender

The connections between outlining and design are quite evident. It is even proper and correct to say that when one outlines, they are designing a story, novel, article, etc. With it being such an apt description of the process one is left wondering how one could implement design methods into plotting. That is what I’ve discovered with design thinking. It is a variation to a similar theme that will get you designing your work differently.

What Is Design Thinking?

According to Creativityatwork.com, design thinking is “a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients,” and “Design Thinkingdraws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be—and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user (the customer).”

Even in its own definition it parallels the outlining process. That’s because writersare designing when they plan. They are actively solving…

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