Film Review: THE WHITE ROSE, 5min, USA, Thriller/Film Noir

Festival Reviews

Played at the April 2017 LA FEEDBACK Film Festival.

  MOVIE POSTERTHE WHITE ROSE, 5min, USA, Thriller/Film Noir
Directed by Rebecca Scott

A lone gunman, interrogates his prisoner, to find the truth.

Review by Kierston Drier:

White Rose, directed by Rebecca Scott, is a powerful, symbolic and dramatic remodeling of a classic Noir piece. The interrogation, the cool agent out to track down the criminal, the quick, rapid fire dialogue pushing the criminal into the corner where he must confess- all here, all sharp and pulsating with tension.

There is a masked prisoner, and one armed interrogator filled with revenge, and victim dear to them both. Cinematically this is a piece filled with vivid images, bright contrasts and wicked symbolic representations. A thoughtful and well composed pieced with a killer twist.

If you like sharp, quick, dramatic crimes, this is a film that will have you biting your nails. And when…

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