Film Review: VIOLET (Belgium/Netherlands)

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violet.jpg15-year-old Jesse is the only one who witnessed the stabbing of his friend Jonas. Now he has to face his family and friends form the BMX riders crew and explain the unexplainable – how he feels about it.

Director: Bas Devos
Writer: Bas Devos
Stars: Cesar De Sutter, Koen De Sutter, Mira Helmer

Review by Gilbert Seah
Bas Devos has been described by the film’s publicist, from his film VIOLET as a young Bela Tarr. Though both directors share their love for long takes, there are also differences and similarities. For one, VIOET has a running time of only 81 minutes compared to the lengthy Bela Tarr epics.

VIOLET tells the story of the aftermath emotional trauma caused on 15-years old Jesse (Cesar de Sutter) when he witnesses the meaningless killing of his friend Jonas in…

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