HORROR BEST SCENE Reading of OBEDIENCE by Michael Potts

WILDsound Festival

Watch the February 2017 Best Scene Winner.

Best Scene from the screenplay OBEDIENCE Screenplay
Written by Michael Potts


ELMA – Val Cole
SHELDON – David Straus
GINNY – Catherine D’Angelo
NARRATOR – Charles Gordon


Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy

When Ginny and her best friend Susie investigate the strange barn Ginny has on her property they see a vision of a man hanging himself, getting his eyes trampled out by goats and then being seen by a young boy (Ginny’s preacher father Sheldon).

What is your screenplay about?

Ginny Sprigg, a sixteen-year old girl from Tennessee, fights for her life against her fundamentalist preacher father, Sheldon. Satan shape-shifts to mimic Jesus and convinces Sheldon to kill Ginny to save her soul—and kill anyone else who interferes. Ginny must find the strength to save her mother, boyfriend, and best friend by killing her own father and facing Satan alone.

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