Metaphorical Shelter From The Hypothetical Storm (6 min read)

Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest TeamMember:NoelleL.Reagan

Founder& Owner of:Made Up by Reagan

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living and Writing Writer

Dating after the damage of sheer and almost unbearable heartbreak.

We all know the type of person- much like a tornado that falls from the bluest of skies and unsuspectingly sucks you in, only to spit you out broken and emotionally battered and bruised. Hell, until eight years ago, when I met my karmic payback, I WAS the metaphorical tornado. So, of all people, I understand that this type of person preys on the unsuspecting. Of course, I didn’t prey on the weaker links, I am just afflicted with whatever causes extreme boredom, and then nausea. Either way, when I felt the devastation I had been unintentionally doling out, one thing is for sure- a dose of my own medicine is a bitter pill to swallow. But why…

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