Watch Experimental Short Film: Tennessee State Prison 1898-1992 – On the Inside

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

A meditative visual exploration of the historic Tennessee State Prison, built in 1898 and closed in 1992 due to inhumane conditions.

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  • Website
  • Director Biography

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    I have 20 years of professional creative work media production, music production, fine art photography, documentary film, new media, technology, and marketing as a Creative Director. Through the years I have developed my creative voice and style – and learned how to work with others to manifest ideas and get stories told. I attended CUNY Hunter College and the City College of New York in New York City for media studies, cultural studies, art history and writing – for fun.

    My independent projects are immersed often in abandoned, forgotten places, and endangered historic properties. I see endless potential to use drones for artistic and commercial projects that expand perceptions – and for social good. Being a longtime music artist and visual artist, makes for…

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