Writing, and Phantom Stories

Writers Envy

Nearly a year ago, I began submitting my novel, Honey Ko, to agents. In all, I queried about 65 agents, 24 of whom were kind enough to respond with a gentle “decline.” One agent’s response was so kind I imagined her typing my rejection while crying and feeling dreadful, just dreadful that she couldn’t represent me. I nearly responded with a “There, there. It’s okay. It’s all my fault.” Most of the agents said Honey Ko wasn’t what they were looking for, or wasn’t what they had hoped it would be. None offered specifics or advice.

With those rejections in mind, as well as the final comment of my editor: “This manuscript does not work. Your main character is not likeable,” I decided to revise the novel. I changed the name to A Wished-For Love, revised the opening, made my main character likeable, and revised the ending.

phantom1As I revised, I…

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