Read Poem: Comes the Calm, by Scott Thomas Outlar

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Genre: Life, Society, Rhyme

I wrote a poem
about the inferno
that burns
in the pit
of God’s belly,
and how it’s spit
with caustic intentions
unto a world
that still hasn’t
quite figured out
how to handle
the last dose
of suffering
as a plague
of pestilence
and other such
terrible perturbations.

Then I swam
in your eyes
as the earth cooled off,
calming at its core,
soothed at my center.
Not just an ocean,
but an oasis.
Not just a womb,
but the waters of life.
Not just a smile,
but electric songs
from your lips
with every shift
of this sweet symphony.

I watched a poem
write itself
while the day went black
and the curtains fell,
shrouding evolution
as the last gasp
of civilization
snuffed out
beneath the violent rhythm
of decayed seizures
and hollow shaking
in the bones
of a broken theory

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