Read Poetry: Congo Congo, by Miroslav Atanasov

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Congo, Congo,
foreign land​
I hurt for you​
you’ve caused me pain.
Your tale’s gloomy,​
your story’s sad​
it makes me angry​
it makes me mad.
My heart is broken​
I don’t know why
now that I’ve met you​
I want to cry.
A king desired you​
from far away,​
he lied, he cheated
knew how to sway.
That evil genius,​
that greedy scum,​
a worthless creature,​
an awful bum.
He wanted rubber​
to make him rich​
he had no mercy​
he was a witch.
He took you over​
for profit’s sake,​
to him you were​
a slice of cake.
Kidnapped you children​
enslaved your men​
then raped your women​
and robbed your land.
At home he told them​
how good he was​
a Christian civilizer​
with a noble cause.
But in your jungles​
the ugly truth:​
he did not spare​
even your youth.
Your hands, oh, Congo​

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