Movie Review: NATIVE IMMIGRATION, 15min, UK, Comedy (2016)

Festival Reviews

Directed by Eric Romero

A mockumentary about a new shocking phenomenon named by the experts as ‘Native Immigration’. We will put a face to people like Manuel, Olamilekan and Chen Lee, whose life took a 180 degree turn when they discovered that…. they are immigrants.

Seen at the July 2016 COMEDY FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

Movie Review by Kierston Drier

Native Immigration by Eric Romero is a fine example of political satire. It follows, mockumentary style, one reporter investigating the phenomena of EU natives who come to shocking realization that they are foreigners. The irony here is that they are not actually immigrants, but would be able to pass as immigrant due to their ethnicity or cultural origin.

Unapologetically poking at the ridiculousness of judging a person based on their appearance, Native Immigration is full of one-line gems like “ I thought he was…

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