Why I’ve Begun to Love Mondays

Currently, Lately

If you’re reading this title and thinking to yourself, “Paige, what are you saying?”you should know that I would’ve said the same thing up until about a month ago. But before you dismiss my feelings on Mondays as complete nonsense, take a moment to hear me out.

As I said, a month ago I never would’ve thought that I would be writing a blog post with this title. A month ago, I was writing posts about how to deal with Monday morningsand ranting about my dislike for the first day of the work week.Like most people on this planet, I’d always viewed Mondays as the bane of my existence. I dreaded waking up to tirednessand a whole new slew of things to accomplish. Weekends went by so incredibly fast and Mondays felt like a cold bucket of water being thrown in my face. It was a terrible…

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