Director BIO: Carla Jay Shah Laroche

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

Short Film Playing at the July 20th Experimental Film Festival

Director of the short film ICARO

Director Biography

Foto carlashah

Carla Shah is a director currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After graduating in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics in 2009, she began her career working on documentaries for NGO’s and independent film makers, many of which, focused on social justice and human rights issues. In 2014 her first short documentary, Maré: Estado que mata nunca mais, was selected by Cinemaissi a Finnish film festival on Latin American cinema. Icaro is the director’s first short fiction.
Carla has already lived in Tokyo, Rome and London and is fluent in four languages. She is currently writing her first feature film.

Director Statement

The film is ultimately about choice. In a myth that ends in the death of the protagonist, I wanted to investigate the symbolic aspects that define the…

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