Conquering the Writing Process in 7 Steps

Immortal Words of a Mortal Writer

The Writing Process.

We’ve all heard of it. We know what it is. We know why it’s used. We know that it’s often the bane of our existence. Why does the combination of those three words fill us with dread? Shouldn’t they excite us and fill us with wonder? They are here for us, the writers, after all.

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Not every writer follows the same process when writing. One writer may take different paths depending on the piece, as well. This is not going to be a one-size-fits-all solution, by any means. I am simply going to show you my writing process – the same process that I teach my students. It works for me. It works for most of them. Your job is to find what works for you.

1. Prewriting

Prewriting is the best part of the writing process. (Although, some may argue that it’s the second or third…

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